Ulrike Rudolph

I am living close to Cologne and Bonn in a area which is called „Vorgebrige“, which means “in front of the mountains”, despite there are no mountains nearby, only the Eifel in the far distance.

From my desk I can see the Rhine valley, which can be very inspiring in good weather. But, it can be quite demotivating when it’s raining.

Auorin Rudolph Author of Crime fiction, Journalist, Chief Editor

I went to University in Hamburg, obtained a teacher’s degree in German, English and American literature – but never worked as a teacher. I wanted to write books and learnt the business from scratch as an editor of non fictional literature.

After a few years being employed as editor my wish to write for myself grew stronger and I started a business as a freelance editor and author. Over the years the writing part of my job grew bigger and bigger.

Today I am very happy with what I do for a living: I chose topics which touch me personally, I research to a degree I think is adequate to the subject and build a story out of it. I learn a lot from my work. And if I entertain my readers and maybe add a few light-bulb-moments to their world, that would be just great.

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