Lektorat und Redaktion / Editing
As editor I offer business communication for all kinds of media and for all kinds of businesses, be it publishing companies or small, medium and global companies.
Mörderische Schwestern / Sisters in Crime
The „Mörderischen Schwestern“ are a group of female authors, readers, editors and book sellers with a major focus on crime fiction. We are organised in many regional groups and support each other with further education and public readings and festivals. I was editor of “Mordio”, the newsletter, for several years.
Das Syndikat
The „Syndikat“ consits of almost 400 male and female German writing crime writers who meet for information, support and crime festivals. They also invented the most important (because it comes from authors) crime fiction award, the “Glauser” award for different publications. In 2008 I was in the jury for the Short Story Glauser.
Die Criminale
„Die Criminale“ is the biggest annual crime fiction festival in the German community. It is part of the Syndikat activities and offers many readings, events and presents the Glauser awards.
„Autorenforum“ is an information pool, not only for newbies but for advanced and professional authors as well.
Bücherfrauen Deutschland
„Bücherfrauen“ is a network of women who produce books – as publishers, authors, book sellers, editors, agents …

The Ladies´ Crime Night:

For each reading the author brings an example from their story, gives a short introduction of herself and the selected example and reads for a very short time. A timer (once it was a timer pig!) brings an end to her reading.

Photo: A Ladies´ Crime Night to honour Sabine Deitmer, whose Story-Collection "Bye, bye Bruno" in 1988 was the starting point for a new kind of crime fiction from a female perspective.

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