Fantasy novel for teenager

Published in 2011
Author Ulrike Rudolph
Order Tandem Verlag
Fax 02223 916593

Curse of the Dark

Patricia Shaw, once class leader, learns at the age of 13 that she had been adopted at the age of one. She feels betrayed by her adoptive parents and becomes an outsider. When she finds a clue that her real parents might still be alive, she starts looking for them. The hunt leads her to Scotland, where she meets Eric, a friend with secrets of his own. He promises to help Pat. But they meet strong resistance. And finally it turns out that Pat is in much more danger than she has expected.

This novel is my first fantasy novel. And I have not only changed the genre but the target group too. Curse of the Dark is for young readers. The second part of the novel is already in print. It will be published in early 2012.

Reader’s response:

“Although I thought I didn’t like Vampire novels, I couldn’t put this book aside. It is a brilliant novel, and I’m sure many young women will like it as it comes so close to reality!”
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