Crime novel – Comedy – The Laura Fowler series

Published in 2008
Author Ulrike Rudolph
Order Tandem Verlag
Fax 02223 916593

A Falling Star

Laura Fowler’s second case is a crime comedy. Victoria Gold’s career is crumbling. She writes cheerful “chic lit”, has a talk show of her own on TV and does adverts for vegetarian organic food. Through her dependence on appreciation she grows away from her family more and more and finds herself in deep crisis. When she suddenly vanishes, her family first believes she’s gone away to spend some time on her own. Then her husband Gordon starts to make his own investigations. But soon it turns out that he needs professional help. Laura and Bill start their probing and find out all is not what it might seem.

Also available as Audio CD

***Der Roman ist auch als Hörbuch direkt beim Tandem Verlag zu bestellen. So können Sie Ihr englisches Sprachverständnis trainieren.***

Reader’s response to the audio book:

“Great structure, authentic people, highly thrilling, a great voice. My kids nicked the CDs.”
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