Crime novel - The Laura Fowler series

Published 2007
Author Ulrike Rudolph
Order Tandem Verlag
Fax 02223 916593

The Silent Observer

This novel is the first in a series; the setting is Guildford, Surrey, a lovely area in the South of England. The central characters are Laura Fowler, her assistant Bill (Shorty) Stern and the Home Office Pathologist, Moira Singh.

The story about the death of a Plopper ware agent guides readers through the typical lifestyle of villages South of London. Celia Graham, a housewife and mother, is found dead in her home. Instead of immediately calling the ambulance, the first thing her husband does is call the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). But there are no signs of a murder. Laura and Bill don’t know what to think of the situation. So they ask Moira for help. And finally she finds some evidence of murder. But the motifs are hidden behind the façade of middle class family life.

To be able to write this series I not only researched the characteristics of the area but was in regular contact with one of the leading heads of the local Guildford murder division. Each of these novels is a complete crime story with authentic figures, realistic crime cases, red herrings, turning points and climax. That the novels are written in English is a bonus for German readers: They can improve their language skills at the same time as reading thrilling stories.

Readers’ responses:

“Thanks for the exhilarating story; I couldn’t put it aside, just left the exercises out!”

“Your depiction of the ‘plastic stuff’ selling scene is excellent! Could be easily identified with everyday life . I recognized quite a lot.”

“Got goosepimples. The dream sequences are thrilling …”
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