Crime novel - The Laura Fowler series

Published in 2010
Author Ulrike Rudolph
Order Tandem Verlag
Fax 02223 916593

Stardust on Heartbreak Island

The fourth case of the detective team Fowler/Stern is a result of my crime novel scholarship on the island of Juist (Journal as PDF). Although the characters and location of the novel are my invention, the setting stimulated my imagination. It is a comedy again.

Shorty and Moira, a couple at the time, visit an island situated off the south coast of Cornwall. Moira wants to rid herself of her nicotine addiction through meditation, which is offered by the hotel. Bill accompanies her to support her, but he is not at all keen on meditation and organic, vegetarian meals. Pretty soon it becomes obvious that it is not only positive vibrations hovering over the island. Two girls vanish from the hotel. A thunderstorm cuts off all connections to the main land and Bill and Moira are forced to start investigations on their own. They are joined by members of a group on a fasting regime and make a lot of waves!

Reader’s response:

“Excellent, I couldn’t recover from laughing! Just one fault: too short!”
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