Crime novel - The Laura Fowler series

Published 2009
Author Ulrike Rudolph
Order Tandem Verlag
Fax 02223 916593

Neighbourhood Watch

Laura Fowler’s third case is based upon a real story told to me by a German murder detective. I transposed it to Guildford and brought the British “Neighbourhood Watch” scheme into the plot. This is Laura Fowler’s most challenging and personal case. A retired teacher, who supported a Pakistani student, is missing. Laura starts an investigation into the teacher’s private surroundings.

At the same time on a private level Laura has to take care of her father. The crime case comes closer and closer to Laura’s private affairs. Her brother Nigel seems to be involved, as well as the “National Front”.

Reader’s response:

“Absorbing, nightmarish, and with an end that unsettles.”
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